Friday, April 16, 2010

Custom orders

Hello there....

I have an exciting new business venture that I am beginning that I will post soon. So keep checking back for my big news!!!

I am going to be slowing down on custom orders for the next couple of weeks.

You are welcome to order ANYTHiNG on my site that is already made.

I am only taking custom orders on invitations or annoucments with a 20 minimum, or custom lunchboxes!

( no custom luggage tags, gift tags, waterproof labels-- but again, you may order any of these designs that are already created on my blog)

I have been in business for 6 years and I have lots and lots of designs to choose from.... so I hope you enjoy looking through all of my designs!

Thank you for your continued support and for supporting a stay at home mom!
Renee Guest

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