Thursday, July 31, 2008

pink polka dot lunchbox with elephant

customized for a little girl that loves elephants!
her favorite colors are pink and purple!

small lunchbox $20.00

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Aqua blue and lime green zebra stripes

$30.00 lunchbox
$18.00 sportsbottle

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pink and green zebra stripes
sportsbottle $18.00

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personalized gift tags..
can have name on both sides or contact info on one side

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New Zebra patterned gift tags

pink and green zebra gift tags

blue and green zebra gift tags

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

personalized lunchbox

$30.00 with your custom personalization

pink tiara, pink background with colorful polka dots!

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Personalized gift tags

30 for $12.00

pink and green polk dots - horizontal cards

light aqua blue polka dots with chocolate brown border and writing

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personalized party favor bags

$1.00 each ... includes toppers and clear bags... you fill them with goodies.
minimum of 12

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Personalized notecards

fill in the blank thank you notes .... blue digger. 12 for $10.00

blue and red fill in the blank thank you's with #5

pink and green polka dot notecards ...12 for $10.00

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Personalized checkbook cover

Personalized for just you!
$10.00 each

pink and green plaid with monogram

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Personalized Luggage tags

$6.00 each - both sides viewing

pink and brown polka dots and pink polk dots

brown and green dinosaur luggage tag

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Label it so you don't lose it!

Be sure and order NOW to get ready for school.
We don't want to hear anyone say ... "OH, THIS ONE DOESN'T HAVE A NAME ON IT!"

Waterproof labels for sippy cups, regular cups, bottles, coolers, books, wipe containers, snack cups .... WE even put them on our beach buckets and sunscreen!
These special labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe!!!!!
I've got some new, fun waterproof label examples below for you to choose from!

Label it so you don't lose it!

also...don't forget Luggage tags for school bags, sports bags, overnight bags!

The new lunchboxes are SO HOT and is a must have for school this year.

new waterproof label designs!
24 for $15.00

And don't forget the JESUS IS MY ROCK T-SHIRT for your little boy!
Spread HIS name!

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Labels for school

Personalized luggage tags! $6.00 each

These were personalized to match a diaper bag
(shown below)

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Personalized Lunchboxes! POLKA DOTS!

Pink background with lime green polka dots

$20.00 for smaller lunchbox. Great for younger children!

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Party Favor Bags
$1.00 each including topper and bag - you fill them with goodies!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personalized metal lunchboxes!

Order Now for School!!!

Pink polka dot with princess tiara
lunchbox - $30.00
sportsbottle- $18.00

Dump truck with stripes!

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Baby shower invitation with blue rattle

New baby shower invitation.
Custom invitation.
Cream background, chocolate brown writing with blue rattle.
very sweet!

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3rd backyard birthday party invitations!

matching fill in the blank thank you notes
12 for $10.00

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