Thursday, July 17, 2008

Label it so you don't lose it!

Be sure and order NOW to get ready for school.
We don't want to hear anyone say ... "OH, THIS ONE DOESN'T HAVE A NAME ON IT!"

Waterproof labels for sippy cups, regular cups, bottles, coolers, books, wipe containers, snack cups .... WE even put them on our beach buckets and sunscreen!
These special labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe!!!!!
I've got some new, fun waterproof label examples below for you to choose from!

Label it so you don't lose it!

also...don't forget Luggage tags for school bags, sports bags, overnight bags!

The new lunchboxes are SO HOT and is a must have for school this year.

new waterproof label designs!
24 for $15.00

And don't forget the JESUS IS MY ROCK T-SHIRT for your little boy!
Spread HIS name!

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LORI said...

One Word...WOW!!!!!!!!